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PatternMaker Marker Studio

For manufacturers, the PatternMaker Marker Studio adds production marking to the CAD tools of the PatternMaker Professional Studio and the grading features and digitizer support of the PatternMaker Grading Studio

What is a Marker?

For readers not familiar with the term, a marker is a printout of a batch of pattern pieces, for multiple garments and multiple sizes, ready to be laid on top of the fabric and cut out. A marker is normally as wide as the bolt of fabric and as long as a cutting table. The marking process includes counting out the right number of each piece, and arranging them for most efficient use of fabric.


PatternMaker Marker Studio’s marking features help you arrange the piece in a marker; determine how efficient your arrangement is; and track information for costing and production purposes.

  • Tag objects as marker pieces. Keep the non-marker parts of your pattern (words, stitch lines, etc.) out of view while you arrange the pieces.
  • Semi-automatic arranging. Place pieces quickly on the marker with a Pack function that fits them tightly together. Packing can lock to 90 degree rotations, or stripe and plaid repeats (optional).
  • Tag bundles. Pieces printed in the marker are labeled by size and bundle number.
  • Cut ratios. Assign a cut ratio to each size before grading to produce different sizes in different quantities. All marker pieces are multiplied by their size’s cut ratio.
  • Marker Report: a printable data sheet with a summary of pattern and style ID, piece counts, yardage required and other information.
  • Marker printing.